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Hi and thank you for visiting my website! I am grateful to have you as a guest. Welcome to, my online office and virtual portfolio. I am a freelance web designer based in Bucharest, Romania, young, ambitious and very good at what I do. If you stopped here because you need a web design pro and SEO expert, you came to the right place. My portfolio sits at your disposal and speaks for itself. Take a look and you will convince yourself of the quality of my previous projects and the plethora of web design services I offer. But until you do that, let us know each other better and see how we can work together!




You've heard the notion, and wondered what is a freelance web designer and what can he do for you. So you surfed the Web and "landed" on Let us begin... First thing first: on the web design and SEO market there are two main players: the big agencies (from which you can expect inflated prices when talking website creation and web optimization for Google) and a second category - the freelance web designers.

Basically, every freelance designer has decided to leave a bigger corporation and offer his clients better web services. To me, the prices set by web design agencies seemed unreasonable, so I put myself in the client's shoes and tried to deliver the same quality service at dramatically lowered costs. After all, why should you, from you hard-earned cash, pay for the secretary or the heating and electricity bills?

The answer to the above question is fairly simple: a freelance web designer is a professional who went against the grain and is offering high quality services at very enticing prices. A successful designer has many skills and fills many roles: web designer, web developer, marketing director, PR expert, technical advisor and last but not least employee, all at the same time!

Why is a Freelance Web Designer better than an agency?

I'll be honest with you. Many clients contact me because a) they've been disappointed by the tiresome experience they've had with web design agencies b) they're received a price list well over their budget c) they consequently look for a straightforward experience at affordable prices for even us mere mortals.

More and more individuals and businesses realize that hiring a web design agency is a slow, expensive and impersonal process. Freelance web designers, on the other hand, are capable of providing a very personal experience that a corporation can not. Let me ask you something: how often do you end up meeting the CEO of a corporation you are endorsing by buying their products? To a freelance web designer, every single customer is the most important, not just a sales figure.

What I don't do

  • I DON'T sacrifice quality

  • I DON'T promise the unattainable

  • I WON'T sell you a service you don't need

  • I WON'T disappear in the woods after finishing your website


It is my core belief that your website should have personality and make your visitor react in some way. That is why I am offering you a wide array of services for total satisfaction. We're talking website design, which also involves graphic design (the visual component of the website, which attracts the public and keeps it on site) but also web development (web standards compatibility, working on all major web browsers, responsive design etc.). But the eye candy isn't everything - your website must be known and visible in the Search Engines' rankings, particularly Google's. I am also a SEO expert and I will be providing you with many techniques to climb up the ladder of Search Engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Last but not least, I offer free website maintenance, so you can rest assured - at it's all inclusive!

And because we live in the age of Facebook and social media, I've saved you the icing on the cake: promotion and marketing through dedicated social media plugins, so you can stay connected and interact with clients and business partners via Facebook or Yahoo Messenger, right from your website!

Drawing a line, these are the web services on my offer:

Beautiful design to increase traffic and sales

Google ranking

Compatibility with all major browsers

Keep you connected with your visitors through Facebook, Twitter etc


Fast and good. I take pride in simplicity, yet I am complex. My web design is elegant, attractive, yet functional and intuitive, because a website, IMHO, has to be user friendly. I am flexible and don't mind if you have a special request or you woke me up (I hope you won't do it, though :) ). I'm a fan of minimalism, which doesn't mean a website should be bare bone - just that it doesn't have to be a maze. Your website is my bread, therefore our relationship will be close, direct and honest from day one. I hope we'll be friends and we'll continue working together in the future. Your satisfaction is my priority. That being said, feel right at home on, browse my portfolio and leave me a message!

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